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Here and There by A.E. Bennett

Here and There is A.E. Bennett's first horror writing. I had the pleasure of getting an ARC for this one. I have read all of the books and novellas so far from the Serrulata Saga, so I was excited to read something else by this author.

Here is what this story is all about.

"For most, there is the real and the make-believe. That barrier doesn't exist for you."

An unnamed protagonist fights insomnia and struggles to discern the difference between reality and their dreams. Seeing horror no matter where they look, they're forced to make an impossible choice in the hopes of finding peace."

Here and There Book Review

Here is my review for Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram.

I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars. (To see how I gage my star and spicy rating, you can check out my past blog)

This book was a little hard to follow when you first start to read it. It felt like multiple stories. As you read, you find out how each story comes together.

Please remember that these reviews are based off of my own opinions and my preferences. I always encourage you to read a book for yourself to make your own review. What I might not like, you might love and vis versa.

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